At Waterman Winery & Vineyards we provide an authentic, regional wine tasting experience in an agricultural setting. Everything we do is for the love of wine, from grape growing and winemaking, to educating visitors about our land and our agricultural history. Our vineyards give us the opportunity to focus on what we are truly passionate about: creating the best regional wines and sharing them with other wine lovers. We offer flavors that are truly unique to Illinois. We are enthusiastic about our craft and every wine is bottled by hand. Our wines have a unique flavor that can only be found at Waterman Winery & Vineyards. Our winemaking process begins the day the grapes are harvested. We raise the grapes, harvest, ferment and bottle on-site. Nothing leaves the farm until it is wine. What we cannot use, like grape stems and seeds, goes back into the vineyards and surrounding farmland to help enrich the soil and prepare it for another season of winemaking or crop production.

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