God didn't create us to be fully independent and detached - from God or from other people. God designed us to be in relationships. Both with God, through Jesus Christ, and with others. God seeks to connect people with God in Christ through worship, fellowship, and relationships. Just like our bodies, careers, and relationships our spiritual life grows too... if we nurture it. We think God can nurture our spirits in Bible studies, covenant groups, worship and when we experience new ideas, cultures and people. At RUMC, we think that our connection with God and others and our growth calls us to serve. We believe in both hands on mission- locally, nationally, and globally and in sending dollars or supplies where we can't go physically. Personal holiness and social holiness go hand-in-hand. So we seek to responds to God's love by: “Doing all the good we can. By all the means we can. In all the ways we can. In all the places we can. At all the times we can. To all the people we can. As long as ever we can.” - John Wesley, Methodism's founder.

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