The Idea of a Oz Park Wellness Started with a Conversation Between Dr. Marco De La Cruz and Dr. Tiffany Jozwiak. They Were Discussing Ways They Both Strive to Help People Feel Better, Look Better, and Thrive. Dr. De La Cruz Looks for the Root of All Conditions, and Works to Correct You Starting on Your Inside. His Use of Iv Therapy and Personalized Supplements Battle Many Issues, the Most Common Being Inflammation. These Services Help an Aging Body Look and Feel Younger. Dr. Jozwiak Started with the Belief a Good Smile Makes a Great First Impression, Then Realized That a Good Smile Must Be on a Fresh Face. She Has Studied Many Methods of Rejuvenizng the Face and Neck, and Has a Variety of Treatments to Customize for Each Patient. If You like What You See in the Mirror in the Morning- Every Day Will Be a Good Day. Together, They Believe They Can Help Make a Better You from the Inside Out.